Surveys, polls and reviews are dead.

The current SaaS user feedback model has one fatal flaw: anonymous users give you a smattering of disconnected sentiment.
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Okay, it’s not quite that dismal but we all know this is an area that SaaS founders would love to quantify a lot better.

It is generally very difficult to get users to take time out of their day to write a review, fill out a survey or engage with a poll. And it is difficult to render actionable data from those types of resources.

Enter the latest trend in SaaS development, “real time feedback”…

I want to solicit some feedback for an eCommerce inventory control problem I once had:

Has anyone tried a ‘micro cycle count’ to solve physical inventory imbalances?

Let me explain…

I once had a huge discrepancy between my PI and inventory database. After doing two cycle counts each day I still could not locate the problem SKUs.

I decided to break down all merchandise into seven different categories, one category for each day of the week: (Service Parts, Monday; Accessories, Tuesday; etc.) I instructed the Ops team to do a separate cycle count only the merchandise category for that day.

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Previous eCommerce projections that would have taken 10 years to manifest have been truncated into the single, unusual year 2020. What sales and demand for eCommerce would have looked like in 2030 is precisely what they look like now. This presents eCommerce businesses with potential for sales growth as well as the need to make changes to meet increased demand.

In 2020 eCommerce sales grew by 71% in Q2 and 55% in Q3. Globally, during Cyber Week alone, shoppers spent $270 billion online — a 36% rise in year-over-year sales. Mobile shopping comprised 71% of traffic and 55% of orders…

When physical inventory doesn’t match database records it can be difficult to identify the reason why.

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Inventory imbalances are one of the worst problems for eCommerce businesses. Whether it’s an overage or a deficit you have merchandise that is not accounted for and the ripple effect is huge. It causes an inability to fulfill orders and it will signal false positives (or negatives) in your ERP database.

I faced this challenge as an inventory specialist at a large electronics store I worked at. As part of the Operations team I began noticing many anomalies. After digging through tens of thousands…

Beware of clever scam artists who prey on job seekers.

In July of 2017 I was finishing my studies at a coding bootcamp and began working as a Junior Web Developer. I posted my resume on all the major job boards and have kept it visible almost continuously ever since.

Though I connected with some good recruiters which led to some good roles, there has been one overwhelming theme: an outrageous amount of recruiter imposters who contacted me. And when I say outrageous I mean easily a ratio of 15:1 ‘recruiters’ per month contacting me.

Let me say here that…

Jason Rowlett

Information Broker for Global Trade and eCommerce

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